Cupbop Express Website


UX/UI Design




I was approached by a family in Killeen to help create and design a working website for their new Korean restaurant Cupbop Express. Over the span of a month, I communicated with the owner and was given a list of elements they wanted to see on the website.
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.31.57

The Guidelines

When talking with the owner they gave me a couple of specifics on elements they wanted the website to have. Here are some of the things we disscused:
  • They wanted photos of their restaurant and food to be displayed across the site.
  • Display some type of photo gallery on the main page.
  • The owner expressed very strongly that they wanted the site to be "simple" but still have "personality".
  • The site should reflect how the style of the restaurant interior is designed (mainly color and styling).
  • Display an About, Menu, and Contact page.

The Result

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.02.09
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.05.53
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.02.42
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 10.06.06
What I focused on:
  • ​Created an easy to navigate menu bar that allowed the user to click through without hassle.
  • Implemented photos of the cuisine into the headers of every page.
  • Added a gallery slide of multiple photos to the main page.
  • Selected a themed palette for colors seen on the walls in the interior of the dining room area in the restaurant.  
  • Added decorative line edges to the headers that had a modern Korean feel to them, along with a grey background to match.
  • Included Cupbop Expresses "noodle bowl" logo in the title to add more to the brand of the site.

Lessons Learned

Getting to help a small family-owned business was extremely rewarding and taught me a lot about communication. Acquiring what the owner wanted the website to convey and implementing their input into the project was very different from a conventional school project. I learned to put aside my own personal design preferences in order to create a product that the owner found to their standard.
What I Would've Done Differently:
  • At the start of the project, I regret not doing more research on Killeen, Texas. Having more insight into the clientele would have aided in knowing what type of "buzz" words to use.
  • While designing the layout of the website, I regret not creating more mockups and iterations of the website. In the future creating multiple options for the owner would have aided me in knowing what they were looking for style-wise, rather than asking them during the creation process.
  • Physically getting to go to the restaurant and getting to take my own photos for the site. But due to COVID and the time it takes to travel to Killeen, this was not very practical.